Announcement: ASSIST full scholarships 2018/19

Dear participants,

We are excited to announce the following students who will receive an ASSIST full scholarship to a US independent school during the 2018/19 school  year.

Assist scholarships with sponsorship – all 11th grade placements go to:

  1. Iva Sopta, XIV Beogradska gimnazija, Beograd
  2. Lola Brcin, III Beogradska gimnazija, Beograd
  3. Magdalena Stajkovic, gimnazija Bora Stankovic, Nis
  4. Katarina Petrovic, X gimnazija Mihajlo Pupin, Beograd

Along with congratulations to awarded students for their success, we want to express our sincere appreciation for the efforts of all the participants over the course of this competition.

Yours sincerely,
Aleksandra Markovic
Project Coordinator for Serbia

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